HBCU Money’s 2014 African American Owned Bank Directory

#Black Owned #Bank Directory…

HBCU Money

All banks are listed in alphabetical order. In order to be listed in our directory the bank must have at least 51 percent African American ownership. You can click on the bank name to go directly to their website.


There are 25 African American owned banks with assets totaling approximately $5.1 billion in assets or approximately 0.46 percent of African America’s $1.1 trillion in buying power.


  • AAOBs are in 17 states. Key states absent are Florida, Mississippi, New York, and Ohio.
  • Alabama, Georgia, and Illinois lead the way with 3 AAOBs each.
  • Median AAOBs Aseets: $117 869 000
  • Average AAOBs Assets: $206 932 000
  • AAOBs control 0.03 percent of All American Bank Owned Assets
  • AAOBs control 2.8 percent of FDIC designated Minority-Owned Bank Assets
  • In 2013, there were 21 AAOBs, this year sees 25 or an increase of almost 25 percent.
  • Only 6 of 2013’s 21 AAOBs…

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