Creative Cook Off Contest

The girls of our Community Enrichment Project held a cook off!

They each choose a mystery bowl in which contained a variety of ingredients which had to be used. They were able to use simple garnishments and seasonings of their choice.

They created incredible dishes! Batter dipped Chicken breasts, Dressing, Fried Salad, Tomato Bisque with Avacado, Potatoes Green Beans and Bacon, and Cheese Bread with Lemonade…umm umm

Aliyah won Best Tasting; Santi won Best Creativity; and Amiyah won Best Presentation. Beautiful!

There are many things you can do to start your children with learning how to cook. This is also a creative way to use the odds and ends in your pantry. Encourage and Inspire (and get some help) during cooking time!





Posted from Kathryn McKinney


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